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Experience Australia with Travelie - your one-stop solution for bespoke business and vacation tours, premium accommodations, thrilling activities and personalized concierge services.

Travel Designers

The Travelie Group has Australian travel agents that we affectionately call travel designers. Our travel designers live and breathe the Australian life, and have appropriate suggestions for  enhancements to your dream vacation or additions to an upcoming business trip. We Love Australia and hope to help you explore and fall in Love too. Reach out to our travel designers to help create your vacation masterpiece.  

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Your gateway to the pristine beauty, untamed wilderness, and rich cultural tapestry of Tasmania. As passionate explorers and travel enthusiasts, we have embarked on a mission to unveil the hidden treasures of this island paradise and bring you the most captivating, immersive experiences. Join us on a journey of discovery, where rugged landscapes meet luxurious escapes, wildlife encounters become cherished memories, and every adventure is a chapter in your Tasmanian story. Let's set sail for the extraordinary; Tasmania awaits.

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Your portal to the land of boundless horizons, diverse landscapes, and unforgettable adventures - Australia. As fervent adventurers and travel aficionados, we're on a mission to introduce you to the wonders of this vast continent. Join us on a journey through rugged outback terrain, pristine coastal shores, vibrant cities, and ancient indigenous cultures. Our passion lies in curating experiences that transcend the ordinary, where each day brings a new tale to tell. Explore Australia with us, where every moment is a breathtaking vista and every journey is a symphony of discovery.

Welcome to Travelie: Your Personal Gateway to Australia!

Experience the magic of Australia with Travelie, your ultimate travel partner. Whether you're on a business trip or embarking on the vacation of a lifetime, we're here to make sure your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

At Travelie, we specialize in crafting bespoke travel experiences that cater to your unique tastes and preferences. From the sun-kissed beaches of the Gold Coast to the exotic wilderness of the Outback, we'll help you discover the diverse landscapes and vibrant cultures of Australia. Our comprehensive travel packages offer everything from tours to accommodations, activities, and even personalized concierge services.

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Business Travel

Looking to mix business with pleasure? At Travelie, we understand the needs of business travellers. We offer seamless logistics, top-notch accommodations, and excellent local knowledge to ensure your business trip is both productive and enjoyable. With our professional concierge services, we can assist with everything from arranging meetings to recommending hot local dining spots. 

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Our concierge service is like having a personal assistant in Tasmania and Australia. We can handle all the little details that make a trip run smoothly, from securing dinner reservations at the hottest eateries to booking tours, wine tasting, exciting activities, event tickets and even arrange transportation.  Book with peace of mind with our expertly guiding vacation planning!

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Vacation Tours Tailored for You 

Whether you're an adventure enthusiast or a culture aficionado, our vacation tours are designed to cater to your interests. Be it snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, wine tasting in the Barossa Valley, hiking and camping in the outback or exploring the urban charm of Sydney, we've got you covered. Our expert local guides ensure that you don't just visit Australia, you truly experience it. 

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and Activities 

Travelie offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit your needs. From luxury resorts to charming B&Bs, we'll find your perfect home away from home. We curate a range of activities that allow you to dive into the spirit of Australia. Whether it's surfing lessons, wildlife safaris or art gallery visits, our personalized itineraries will make sure you get the most out of your stay Down Under.

Choose Travelie

Travelie is more than just a travel company - we're your gateway to experiencing Australia like never before. Trust us to bring you the best of Australia, tailored to your unique needs and interests. Let us make your Australian journey not just a trip, but an unforgettable experience.

Personalized. Comfortable. Unforgettable. Australia Awaits…

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