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Tasmania.com is a comprehensive resource for planning a trip to Tasmania, offering a variety of tours, holiday options, festivals, outdoor activities, and accommodation suggestions. The website provides several tour packages, including the Tassie Winter Icons Tour, Epic East Coast Tour, Wild West Coast Tour, and Cradle Mountain Tour, among others. These tours offer a mix of self-drive and fully planned experiences, allowing visitors to explore Tasmania's award-winning beaches, wild western lands, and unique landmarks. 

The website also suggests unique holiday options such as the "Eat the Problem - MONA Exclusive Event", where visitors can experience a feast of invasive species and performance art. It also provides resources like tours, maps, and other planning tools, as well as luxury accommodation options like the Freycinet Lodges Coastal Pavilions.

Festivals and events are highlighted, including the Festival of Voices, Targa Tasmania car race, Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, and the Taste of Tasmania, among others. These events offer a blend of music, sports, sailing, food, and art experiences, making Tasmania a vibrant destination throughout the year.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy Tasmania's world-class mountain bike singletracks, top-notch golf courses, and scenic self-drive tours. The island also offers exciting activities like hiking, fishing, and wildlife spotting, set against Tasmania's picturesque landscapes.

The site also guides visitors on Tasmania's culinary delights, highlighting its cool climate wine selection and famed seafood cuisine. Tips for planning a visit to Tasmania are given, including researching and booking in advance, considering the variety of accommodation options, and exploring transportation options.

Importantly, Tasmania.com acknowledges the Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land, emphasizing that their culture and history are an integral part of Tasmania's identity. The website encourages visitors to learn about the Aboriginal heritage through cultural tours and exhibitions, adding a significant cultural dimension to the Tasmanian visit.

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